Manual Oil Press
Continuous pressing of oil seeds and nuts (undecorticated, no pre-treatment required ! )
More than 10 types of seeds can be pressed!
(peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame, copra, cottonseeds, hazelnut, linseed, oil palm kernel, pumpkin seed, sun flower seeds, walnuts).
High oil production: Up to 1.5 litres oil per hour
Small size:
350*60*316.5mm, fits in A4 envelope(2.18 kg / less than 5 pounds)
Portable, one person is able to operate anywhere

Operation Guide of the Mini Oil Expeller

Assemble the Mini Manual Oil Expeller Press

manual mini oil expeller press

First of all, adjust the frame of the mini oil expeller before starting to operate. Be certain that the hand crank of the mini manual oil expeller can be turned freely. Wet the anti-wear washer with a little plant oil and set it in the end of the press screw, then put them into the press cage of the frame, join with hand crank and adjust using the bolt. Screw the cap on press cage, and the terminal adjustment bolt can be screwed into the cap. Add fuel, (kerosene or alcohol) fill tank/bottle to about 80% capacity, pass a 15cm wick through block-blade and keep 0.5cm of the wick out. Put the longer end of the wick into the fuel tank/bottle and place the blade on the bottleneck. Put fuel tank/bottle under the heat-collector cover of the frame and seal with rubber band.

Heat Up The Press Cage

For assuring oil yield result, the press cage of the manual oil expeller press should be preheated for 10 minutes before expelling, After preheating, feed materials into the feed inlet and manufacture oil when temperature of the press cage is 50-70℃. Continuous heat is required during the expelling process.

Things You Should Pay Attention During the Expelling Process

Make sure there are no impurities or foreign matters in the material before you putting them into the mini oil expeller.


★  When starting to expel, it is normal that a small amount of oil outflows from adjustment bolt.
★  Loosen adjustment bolt if oil cake is over dried or the resistance is excessive when turning hand crank.
★  Screw down the adjustment bolt when the oil residue in the oil cake is too much.

Manual Oil Expeller Press Clean-up

Clean after expelling is finished for the day, if not, residue will harden inside the machine and affect the next operation.

Quality Requirements of the Seeds

seeds for the manual mini oil expeller press

★  Moisture contents of the seed should be 8-10%. If the oil seeds are too dry, the oil cake in the cap would be stone hard and no oil production. If the oil seeds are too moist, the oil cake flows back to the oil slid and no oil production would be get.
★  No deshelling required except for groundnut, walnut. But the kernels would be recommended for our manual oil press.
★  Seeds should be freed from any stones, sticks and sand before pressing.
★  Big seeds such as walnut, oil palm kernel, copra and need reduction in size but should not be grinded.

Safety Warning

Self-friction of the materials and the fuel result in high temperature of press cage of frame, cap and adjustment bolt, so to avoid contacting with the high temperature parts. Please take safeguard measures if there is a need to handle the high temperature parts of the mini oil expeller press.


with the development of the technology, our manual oil expeller are continuously updating. We will not inform you if the products change.

Manual Oil Press

More than 10 types of seeds such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame, copra, cottonseeds, hazelnut, linseed, oil palm kernel, pumpkin seed, sun flower seeds,
can be delivered in any country

Price: $ 120 (freight cost not included)
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