Manual Oil Press
Continuous pressing of oil seeds and nuts (undecorticated, no pre-treatment required ! )
More than 10 types of seeds can be pressed!
(peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame, copra, cottonseeds, hazelnut, linseed, oil palm kernel, pumpkin seed, sun flower seeds, walnuts).
High oil production: Up to 1.5 litres oil per hour
Small size:
350*60*316.5mm, fits in A4 envelope(2.18 kg / less than 5 pounds)
Portable, one person is able to operate anywhere

Economic Benefit Analysis of  AGICO Hand-crank Oil Press in Zambia in 2010

All the data from FAQs were received indicating various costs by using AGICO Hand-crank Oil Press such as:
Sunflower Seed Sunflower Oil Oil Cake Labour Cost Exchange rate
ZMK 480 / kg ZMK 4.300 / kg ZMK 335 / kg ZMK 3.500 / day ZMK 900 / US$
A working day consists of 6 hours pressing and 2 hours light work like sifting seed and decanting oil.

The hand-crank home oil press delivers 1.2 kg oil/hour.

In the following economic analysis it will be assumed that the lady will sell her oil and oil cake at a 10% discount at home.Thus ZMK 3.870/kg sunflower oil and ZMK 300/kg oil cake. Lampoil is estimated at ZMK 4,000/litre.

Income, Expenditure and Profit for Seed Oil Pressing in Zambia

7.2 kg oil – 0.3 kg sludge = 6.9 kg oil x ZMK 3,870/kg oil ZMK 26,703
14.8 kg Oil cake at  ZMK 300/kg,  14.8 x ZMK 300/kg ZMK 4,440
Total income per working day ZMK 31,143
22 kg sunflower seed xZMK 480/kg ZMK 10,560
Wage of one labourer at ZMK 3,500/day ZMK 3,500
Lamp oil 40 ml/day, 40/1000 x ZMK 4,000/litre ZMK 160
Detergent for bottle cleaning ZMK 250
Unforeseen 5% or 0.05 x ZMK 15,850 ZMK 800
Depreciation of investment: 6.9 kg oil x ZMK 180/litre oil ZMK 1,380
Total expenditure per working day ZMK 16,665
Profit Per Working Day
Profit per working day is ZMK 31,143 - ZMK 16,650 ZMK 284
Profit/kg oil is ZMK 14,493 : 6.9 kg oil  ZMK 2,100
Profit (Value added) per kilogram seed  ZMK 14,493 : 22 kg ZMK 658

AGICO hand-crank oil press can be repaid at least within one month and credit for such a short period may not be a problem. A more up to date analysis can be made by inserting the most recent prices within this analysis.The total investment of US$ 100, at ZMK 900/US$,  could be repaid within US$ 100: ( ZMK 14,493 : ZMK 900/US$) = 6  to 8 working days under Zambian conditions.

For any further information on AGICO hand-crank oil press,please kindly send your query in the following form.We are always at your service.
Manual Oil Press

More than 10 types of seeds such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame, copra, cottonseeds, hazelnut, linseed, oil palm kernel, pumpkin seed, sun flower seeds,
can be delivered in any country

Price: $ 120 (freight cost not included)
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